Information Couple Club Card

1 . How To Get Your Club Card?

Zvaniet mums.

2 . Or A New Parrticipant?

1 . Fill in the data in the section ” admission of a new member ” , press to register and receive information about joining .

2 . Fill out the registration form and 24 -hour time, you will get a reception e-mail .

3 . Write the full name on the back of the card on the special signature area .

3 . Numbers

1 . Each of your Purchase you get points ,

2. Tikai kluba dalībniekiem competitions

4 . Only members provided deals

Q & A

My card is not enough for a lot of points for all my bill . Or I can use the points , to pay part of the bill?

Yes you can . It remains only to inform the staff and they will take away points from your account and charge a fee for the remainder of the invoice amount .

How can I collect my points ?

When you pay the bill with your membership card, your points will be added to your account .

How can I redeem my points ?

When paying the bill on your membership card and it is the amount , which you want to use , you will be deducted from your account .

How can I find out how much I have ?

You can log in to the user site members page , where you can view your points and their monetary value. K reisajā side or our restaurant request , for your account to be tested. .

I have collected points , but the balance is shown as zero ! Why ?

Perhaps , your card is not registered or activated . Once your card is activated , you will receive an e-mail message with a confirmation of it , and your comments will be available for use . If you continue to have difficulty , please , send an e-mail to the address

Sorry, I forgot my card !

No problem . Pray , so that our staff receives your application , be approved by the manager , after the atsājiet to our staff . Please , y remove the account , that will be required within 48 hours of your iensieguma receipt to the transfer points to another card.

Oh , no ! I’ve lost my card !

See previous question.

I’ve changed the home / changed e-mail address , as I can update account data ?

Simple ! Visit the site and log into your account section ” individual person ” , which will be able to modify your profile detailed information . You can also send updated information to the e-mail address Please , y remove the account , that we can not be responsible for any information or loss of other communications if the participant does not update his / her membership profile .

Once again, log into your account online and change the detailed information on the correspondence .

Where else can I use the card ?

V Arat use the card at any program in the restaurant. Full restaurant / bar araksts have found this site in the small section .

How to apply for a BLACK club card ?

Club black card is the second level of participation , which is available for those guests , who the time is spent more than 2 500 euro. Once you have met these criteria , contact the system and you will be invited to join the next level of membership . If you believe , that you have reached the criteria and you have not been contacted , please , send an e-mail. Once your application has been processed , you will be able to take advantage of the additional benefits of the Black Card .